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With HWS Plus®, You Can Relax While We Take Care Of Your Home!
About Home Watch Service Plus®

HWS Plus® is Different - Home Watch Service Plus® specializes in home management and repair services for both the Private Home Owner and the Mortgage Lender. Many of our home services are implemented in the same way for both client groups.

Each HWS Plus® franchise is comprised of local owners with the objective of making your experience a pleasant one. Our one-of-a-kind interior and exterior home watch service assures precise examination of your home while providing the personal touch you expect. We are your eyes and ears in your absence and we treat your home as if it was our own.

Home Owners – Home Service Management - At HWS Plus®, we inspect your home regularly and make sure that each area of your home is functioning as it should. We check for any potential issues such as leaks, mold or roof damage so they can be repaired before any additional damage occurs. We also provide scheduled home service needs throughout the year.
Absentee Homes – While you are away we do Interior and Exterior inspections, emergency repair, and scheduled services Occupied Homes – We take care of repairs, emergency services, and scheduled service Personal Assistance – We provide concierge services, appointments, car care, business accommodations and more Our Home Watch Service Plus® professionals will be your eyes and ears to any issues you may have and upon finding problems we facilitate repairs. We also conduct scheduled services such as lawn/yard maintenance, pool maintenance, concierge service, snow removal, and many handyman type repairs. Trust our team to manage the services at your residence, second home, condo, apartment, cabin or business. Click Here for a Complete List of Services.

Mortgage Lenders – Property Preservation - At HWS Plus®, we prepare properties for sale that have undergone foreclosure. Our team organizes and completes The Cleanup, The Fix-up, and The Continued Maintenance for the resale of each property. Our Home Watch Service Plus® management teams are dedicated to providing services in a fast-acting and efficient way. Our service options increases the opportunity for our clients to resale their non-performing properties. Click Here for a Complete List of Services.

Business Professionals - Our professional group of owners that manage HWS Plus® locations have varied backgrounds of expertise and are dedicated to being the most reliable and ethical company in the business with the highest quality of workmanship, the highest communications standards, a system that benefit you, the home owner, and with the highest level of customer service. Our team of experts includes former presidents of corporations, facility maintenance engineers, factory sales and marketing representatives, facility maintenance product specialists, business owners, national sales managers, corporate product trainers, ecommerce managers, handyman experts, concierge managers, landscape specialists, realtors, property watch managers, elderly care specialists and many others. Combining our skills makes Home Watch Service Plus® the professional leaders in the home watch industry. Our expertise protects your assets.

Trained Professionals - Contact Us for a trained home watch service professional to give you a Free in-person inspection. Each professional will review your home with an interior and exterior checklist that details our homewatch service program. Choose from a list of basic and value-added options to enhance your personal needs. All inspections are performed by our trained professionals and are not sub-contracted to other companies.

As we inspect your home we may find repairs where a specific specialist is needed such as heating and air conditioning. Our teams know specialists in your area and are trained to negotiate for the repair, let them into your home, and monitor their actions until the job is completed. If we can't fix it with our team, trust HWS Plus® to find a professional for you. We are licensed, bonded and insured and we only use repair specialists with the same qualifications. Professionals working with professionals!

Communications - Peace of Mind Experts - Home Watch Service Plus® knows that just performing the services are not enough. Communication is a vital part of giving you the peace of mind and satisfaction that your property is being taken care of.
HWS Plus® professionals use Smart Phones for instant communications. Each visit to your home is given the check as determined in our contract. Issues found will be emailed or you will receive a phone call. This allows you to make quick decisions for securing your home. Each professional uses a lap top computer invoicing and communicating to you. When issues are found, we provide a written report that can be used for insurance purposes. Cameras are available, and depending on the problem, we may take pictures for your review. This is to verify the issue and determine actions needed. When repairs are completed additional pictures will be taken and emailed to you. Quick actions will protect your assets. In the case of Property Preservations with mortgage lenders, all actions are administered per the individual contract of each property.

Quick actions by HWS Plus® will protect your assets.

Guaranteed to Satisfy - By combining a unique blend of people, expertise, and processes; Home Watch Service Plus® is able to deliver the highest standards of reliability and service available in the industry.

HWS Plus® is 100% committed to providing you with the absolute highest quality of personal service. Our mission is nothing less than your total satisfaction.

If for any reason you are unhappy with any part of our service, professionalism, skill level or attentiveness to your needs; we want to hear from you. We are committed to making adjustments and changes that may be necessary so we can continue to deliver exceptional service to all our clients now and in the future. Anything less than a completely happy client is non-acceptable to HWS Plus®.

Total satisfaction in all we do!

NHWA Accredited Member - Home Watch Service Plus® is pleased to be part of the National Home Watch Association. While each business may offer additional services, the main purpose of the association is to bring potential clients together with professional, accredited home watch businesses who abide by the standards set forth by the NHWA.


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